Helvetia Rockt Webinars

Let’s connect digitally. Wir schaffen neue digitale Angebote. Nehmt an unseren Webinaren und Austauschmöglichkeiten mit der Applikation ZOOM teil und folgt uns auf Instagram.

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LIVE Q&A SESSIONS – auf Instagram (ohne Anmeldung)

>> Backstage Sofa #communitysunday
On Sundays we will have relaxed live sessions with an invited guest, offering all of you the opportunity to join our live channel for a chat. It starts at 8pm and we will finish when we are all exhausted from talking or laughing. Also, if you’re a musician and want to call by to play us a song, we’d be delighted.

26.04 with Angie Addo, hosted by Elia in English | 8pm
Angie is our first guest and a young musician with Bikini Showers, DJ (Akuaku) and she participated in our workshops. You can ask her all about being a newcomer, which workshops are the best or what empowers her the most. She is super awesome!

03.05 with Kathy Bajaria, hosted by Elia in English | 8pm
Kathy Bajaria is a DJ and project manager of the Female* Music Lab. That’s why we’re going to talk a lot about Helvetiarockt and our projects in this session. You don’t really know what we do, what Helvetiarocks stands for and how you can connect with us? Then come by and ask us.

10.05 with Ta’shan, hosted by Angie in English | 8pm
Wow, we’re totally honored! You don’t know Ta’Shan? Then it’s time to listen to her music and follow her on Instagram. She is a super body positive musician with such good vibes – in her lyrics and beats. And she would love to share all her experiences with you. Get yourself ready for many many many empowering words!


>> Let’s talk about business #businesslunchbutbetter
On Wednesdays at 11.30 we do our Q&A Sessions for one hour with professionals from the music business on a designated topic. During this hour, you can hear first-hand experiences from musicians, sound engineers, bookers and other people from the industry. You can also learn more about how the music business works or what kind of jobs exist.

29.04 with Billie Bird, hosted by Elia in English | 11:30 am
Billie Bird is a musician and coach in our songwriting camp. She loves to answer your questions about songwriting or how to start a career in music. She is super open, so don’t be scared to ask anything. There are no wrong questions!

06.05 with Florina Diemer, hosted by Elia in German | 11:30 am
Flo is a sound engineer working for Schüür (an alternative concert hall in Lucerne) and she is also regularly on tour with bands like Eclecta, Long Tall Jefferson and Sissy Fox. Flo is going to tell us about her job, about what her workdays look like and about where you can start experimenting with mixing at live concerts. Come by and immerse yourself in the world of one of the best sound engineers of Switzerland.

13.05 with Jennifer Jans, hosted by Elia or Kathy in English | 11:30 am
Jenny Jans is a musician (Bleu Roi), Female* Music Lab Coach and works for the m4music festival. We will be talking about why you have to know this festival if you want to start working in the business. We will also find out what the Demotape Clinic exactly is and how newcomers and emerging artists can get some support, fame and money. Never heard about all of that? Join us!


GARAGEBAND HOMESTUDIO – auf Zoom (Anmeldung zwingend, siehe Formular unten)

Mach eine Songskizze und entdecke die Welt der Aufnahmeprogramme
2 Webinare à ca. 90 Minuten
Keine Vorkenntnisse nötig, ab 12 Jahren
Kosten: Gratis für U25, Teilnehmerinnen* FBW, Camp und Mitglieder, sonst 80.–
Du brauchst: Mac, GarageBand (gratis), Zoom (gratis), Kopfhörer, Internet

>> 21. April & 28. April | 15:00 – 16:30 (ausgebucht)

>> 25. April & 2. Mai | 10:00 – 11:30 (ausgebucht)

>> 6. Mai & 13. Mai | 15:00 – 16:30 (entièrement réservé)

>> 9. Mai & 16. Mai | 11:00 – 12:30 (auf Französisch)


SONGWRITING BOOST – auf Zoom (Anmeldung über Instrumentor.ch)

Einzellunterricht im Songwriting für jedes Niveau.

10 Sessions à 60 Minuten bei einem Coach deiner Wahl.

Kosten: Spezialangebot für 250.– anstatt 800.–
>> Schreib uns und sichere dir einen subventionierten Platz: mail@helvetiarockt.ch