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Herbie Kopf SWILIT The Swiss-Lithuanian Quintet is here with its own original mix of contemporary jazz & groove Three upcoming stars from Vilnius are sharing forces here with two established personalities of Swiss jazz. Biography Since the year 1995, renowned Swiss bassplayer and composer Herbie Kopf keeps travelling to eastern Europe to present his orignal music to audiences there as well. Especially in Lithuania he soon developed a strong connection to the local jazz scene. Through his continuous and successful collaborations with many exponents of Lithuanian jazz, Herbie was able to grow a fine reputation as first-class musician also in this country. In spring 2004, he met 18-year old drummer talent Marijus Aleksa. They immediately recognized a tremendous musical affinity, and as an inspired team, started to work alongside Lithuanian soloists, as well as initiating their own projects occasionally. In autumn 2005, the tandem was joined by the brilliant pianist Dmitrij Golovanov, who soon was about to complete his academic studies with world renowned pianist Richie Beirach in Leipzig. Within a short period, the trio gained a strong empathic quality and soon was involved in projects with some of the most ambitious musicians of the Baltic jazz scene. This trio now is the pulsating heart of the new quintet. For the quintet formation they have chosen their favourite soloists they've worked with: Exceptional Swiss saxofonist Reto Suhner, who is a convincing storyteller with a highly recognizable sound and a very personal musical concept. And fantastic trumpetplayer Mindaugas Vadoklis, who as a shooting star quickly developed from talented student to one of the most profiled executors of his instrument in the whole Baltics! When the five individuals unite for this group effort, they marvellously create an irresistible energetic flow full of thelepatic inspiration and organic interplay. The compositions seem to follow a naturally evolving dramaturgy with sudden breaks and changes of colour that surprise the listeners and leave them in amazement. Each of these exceptional instrumentalists is contributing to the group's musical statement by taking off for a fabulous solo flight whenever the time and mood asks for it. As a team, they focus on collective expression, communication and groove. The band takes you on an adventurous journey - sometimes leaving you breathless, sometimes in a contemplative mood. Mindaugas Vadoklis trumpet Reto Suhner altosax, -flute, -clarinet Dmitrij Golovanov piano Herbie Kopf e-bass, compositions Marijus Aleksa drums





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