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Tapioca Records


Ankerstrasse 11
8004 Zürich
T. 043 322 02 04


Tapioka Records is your expert and partner in music on vinyl and CD's that ranges from Jazz, Funk, Soul, Latin, Brazil, Blues and Nu-Jazz to Dancefloor. I carry many new releases as well as an enormous backstock of rarities, out of print and obscure LP's from the 50's up to now. Are you looking for samples or new ideas? Just dive into an univers of music, located in the basement of HUM Records, and find your holy grail. For any request – vinyl and CD's you are looking for – don't hesitate to contact me or come by the store. I have been collecting records for over 30 years now and I am still diggin' deeper to serve you those "Blackpearls" - at my store.


Le book

L’édition 2020 du Swiss Music Guide (SMG) vient de sortir de presse avec comme de coutume ses précieux contacts musicaux suisses mis à jour.

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Ghost Festival: le spectre du silence

Lors des séances des 10 et 11 décembre 2019, le Conseil s’est essentiellement penché sur le budget pour l’année 2020 et sur la stratégie de SUISA pour les cinq prochaines années. (Photo: Olivier Le Moal /

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